Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy at Your Golden Valley Chiropractor

At Advanced Chiropractic Center, Inc. in Golden Valley, we offer chiropractic care to individuals experiencing pain or looking to improve their overall quality of life. In addition to traditional chiropractic services, we also offer massage therapy as part of a holistic care plan to provide our patients with the relief and other benefits that massage therapy can bring.


Why Get Massage Therapy From A Chiropractor?

Many people find it odd to receive massage therapy from a chiropractor, but combining chiropractic care and massage therapy can provide benefits that neither can do on its own. Your joints and muscles are intended to work together. When your joints are in alignment and working correctly, they support your muscles. When your muscles are supported and strong, they help to hold your joints in place properly.

However, when either your joints or muscles are working improperly, they can have a negative impact on the other. If your joints are not strong and have a hard time functioning as they should, your muscles have to overcompensate. This can lead to pain, injury, and a lot of tension. When your muscles are sore or are not strong, they do not hold your joints in place as they should, which also leads to pain, suffering and potential injury.

If you are experiencing pain, especially neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain, you should consider getting both chiropractic care and massage therapy. Chiropractors focus on relieving pain and tension in the spine and joints, also known as the hard tissue. Massage therapy focuses on relieving pain, tension, and stress in the muscles, or the soft tissue.

Having both your soft and hard tissue receiving care increases your chances of pain relief. For the best results, you should receive both chiropractic care and massage therapy on the same day. Massage therapy can loosen up the muscles allowing the chiropractor to deliver a better overall adjustment. Additionally, getting both at the same time reduces the chance of the pain and tension returning in-between visits.

Massage Therapy in Golden Valley

If you are experiencing any joint or muscle pain, give us a call. New patients receive a free consultation during which we work together to find the best treatment plan for your individual needs. We look forward to helping you become your best self through the care and treatment that we provide. Call Advanced Chiropractic Center, Inc. in Golden Valley at 763-542-1141 to schedule your free consultation today!