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Chiropractic Care in Golden Valley

At Advanced Chiropractic Center, Inc. in Golden Valley many of our patients come to us with a range of symptoms and problems related back, neck, and shoulder pain. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by new patients when it comes to their pain and what chiropractic care can do to help.


What Is Causing My Pain?

Pain-related to the neck, shoulders, head, and back can often be caused by any number of conditions. These can include anything from a minor strain or a pull of the back and neck muscles or possibly a major injury following a fall or an auto accident. It can also happen due to an illness or disease or due to lifestyle choices and everyday activities that unknowingly hurt you over time.

Can a Chiropractor Help Me?

Back pain can be dealt with in many ways, but one of the most effective options is with personalized chiropractic care. This can include a combination of regular adjustments, massages, spinal manipulations, exercises, lifestyle changes, and other treatments. Our spinal experts can help you determine which treatments and care plans can reduce or eliminate your back pain.

Can I Avoid Surgery?

Many people have come to us after visiting other doctors and medical professionals after being told that surgery is the only way to deal with their pain. Thankfully, surgery is not always required and there are options that a skilled chiropractor can offer. When chiropractic care is done on a regular basis, many of our patients can find relief without taking unnecessary risks.

Do I Have to Use Dangerous Medication?

It is completely understandable to be apprehensive about taking new medication as these days doctors are fond of shoving a bottle of pills at every patient to treat their condition. Our chiropractor believes medications should be used as a last resort and only as a small piece to the overall puzzle of spinal care and pain management. You may need some medication but it will not be the main focus of care with our team.

Your Chiropractor in Golden Valley

To learn more about how our chiropractor can help treat your pain, call (763) 542-1141 today. We can provide relief without relying on risky and ineffective surgery or dangerous and addictive medication. Schedule your free consultation at Advanced Chiropractic Center, Inc. in Golden Valley. Don’t let your pain slow you down, call us today.