Additional Services


Brace treatment is used to prevent spinal curve progression and to maintain the appearance of the back helping avoid painful spine surgery. The goal of brace treatment is to prevent the curve from getting worse. Adjustments should be done by qualified chiropractic professional to keep the facet joints mobile and help reduce pain.


The structure of your foot supports your entire body weight. Poor foot function can cause problems in the feet, knees, hips, lower back and neck. Orthotics is also known as insoles, pads, or shoe inserts, are designed to correct foot posture and restore natural foot movement which affect your entire body.

Therapeutic Pillows

Therapeutic Pillow is for sleepers who want a more controlled sleep posture to relieve neck or back pain. It is designed to properly support the head and neck when back sleeping and side sleeping. This will help ease pain on the muscles, joints and nerves, which may be very sensitive for those experiencing higher levels of neck and back pain.

Ice Packs

Heat or cold therapy can provide a surprising amount of pain relief for most types of back and neck pain. Ice is used on patient’s injured areas to reduce swelling at the osseous, ligamentous, and neurological tissues. Heat helps to open up the veins and allows more blood and oxygen to flow through .Adding ice and heat is an important part in beginning the process to alleviate your pain.


Biofreeze products are classified as topical analgesics, which work through a ‘counter irritant’ mechanism. Menthol in Biofreeze creates a sensation that overrides pain signals to the brain. It is unique, effective pain reliever formulated to provide a variety of benefits for therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort.

Vitamins & Supplements

Nutrition plays a role for a complete lifetime of health and wellness, which also incorporates chiropractic care. Vitamins and supplements can restore, rebuild and maintain patient health. Chiropractors know the best nutrients to complement your chiropractic treatments.


Chiropractic acupuncture is a technique in treating disease and injury by stimulating specific energy modulating points on the skin and is an approved specialty within the chiropractic profession. By inserting needles into specific points along these meridians, acupuncture practitioners believe that your energy flow will re-balance.

Commitment to Quality

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