Headache & Migraine

If you’re among the millions of people who suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, then you know how disruptive these conditions can be. While the rest of your family and friends are enjoying life, you’re stuck inside nursing yourself back to health. Did you know there are effective chiropractic treatments for both chronic headaches and migraines? There’s no reason you need to suffer from these conditions. If you live in or around Golden Valley, MN, let our chiropractor at Advanced Chiropractic Center help get your life back on track.


What Causes Chronic Headaches & Migraines?

Chronic headaches and migraines can happen for a variety of reasons. If you suffer from one of these conditions, it helps to understand what may be the culprit. Here are a few common reasons:

Trauma to the neck or spine

This is one of the most common reasons that patients seek treatment for their headaches and migraines. If you’ve experienced any kind of trauma to the neck or spine, there is a very good chance that has contributed to your headaches and migraines. This kind of trauma is most often caused by either sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents.


Inflammation can also lead to headaches and migraines. The source of inflammation can be a good indicator of what the core reason is for the condition. Our Golden Valley chiropractor can diagnose your condition and then review some treatment options to reduce your inflammation.

Intracranial pressure

Intracranial pressure has to do with the pressure inside your head. Using the latest techniques, your chiropractor may be able to help alleviate the pressure.   

Getting Chiropractic Care For Headaches & Migraines

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you can contact the professionals at Advanced Chiropractic Center to get the help you need. When you first contact our center, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment so that you can discuss your symptoms with a chiropractic professional. During your appointment, the chiropractor will talk to you about your symptoms and how they are affecting your daily life. Afterward, you and your chiropractor will discuss possible treatments. You will always be a part of your own treatment and have input as to what your treatment plan should involve.

If you would like more information about Advanced Chiropractic Center or chiropractic care in general, call our office today at (763) 542-1141. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.